Marital Infidelity – Cheating Husbands – Cheating Girlfriends
This is an industry in Costa Rica.

First for the ladies

check-a-mate new fantasy massageLadies the reality is that Costa Rica is ranked about number two or three in the sex trade industry in the world! There a few facts that you need to understand. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, but it is not legal to advertise it. Prostitution is big money is Costa Rica and everyone makes money off it!

If your husband or boyfriend is in or coming to Costa Rica our experience (now about 13 years and way over 200 cases) shows us that there is about a 97% chance that he is going to have sex here!

If it were just the $50 quickie or the $300 dream girl many of you can get past that. That is not your biggest problem!

The problem is that the girls here are 3rd generation working girls and they have been taught how to not only get the quick money but how to get your money and they don’t care!
(Read below on scammer girlfriends)

After all the years of working these cases, we know all the locations, all the prices and we can tell by one photo the beach or hotel where they are at and we have never been caught!

Ok Guys, scammer girlfriends!

check-a-mate Del Rey Hotel CasinoGuys, now you have your Costa Rican sweetheart and that is great and we know where and how you met her (we are not going to say here). She is off the hook beautiful and she makes you feel like you are 18 again and she loves you, you know that because she tells you that in every e-mail and on the telephone.

You don’t want her to work where you met her and she only wants you! But she needs to live so you understand that she needs to pay for rent, food etc. and you can handle $600- $1,000 per month that is no big deal.

Now you start getting e-mails or telephone calls that she wants/needs to move to a safer place or her mother needs to get medical attention or she wants her son or daughter to go to a better school etc. So now you need to send a little more money each month and when it goes up at $100 at a time again it’s no big deal.

In a six month period of time she has taken that $600- $1,000 per month to $900-$1,800 per month!

If you are smart? You call us at the start when it is $600- $1,000 per month. Find out the truth at the start! Not after you have spent 3 times the money and your time!

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