WillSpy Global Services Central America, Nicaragua, 


We now offer services in the following states in the U.S..Pensilvania,New Jersey, Delaware , Maryland,Oregon,Washington and California.

Other states available on request.

Global Services we offer all of Central America along with Africa and Sint Maarten.

  • Check-A-Mate​​​​
  • Background Review Employment Screening
  • Real Estate Due Diligence


  • Child Recovery/Parental Kidnapping
  • Professional Verification (Medical/Legal)
  • Security Personal Protection


  •  Marital Infidelity
  • Construction Security
  • Process Service  



Private Investigators in Costa Rica

We are Private investigator advocates in Costa Rica! “you are the Dragon Slayers in Costa Rica”.

Our sole mission is to fight to get the information for our clients.Our private investigators possess decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces, Investigations, and Personal Protection.

We are experienced both inside Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.As a result we have developed specific methods to deal with threats to our clients’ finances, their homes, and their persons whether visiting, investing or living in Costa Rica.

The fact is that we are the oldest full time Private Investigation Agency operating in Costa Rica and now Central America!