WillSpy Partners with Unidad de Prevención & Análisis Delictual

Find People WillSpy the premier Private Investigation agency in Costa Rica, the only American-owned, full-time and dedicated agency located in Costa Rica has partnered with Unidad de Prevención & Análisis Delictual to provide a more comprehensive level of investigative services.

Unidad de Prevención & Análisis Delictual was founded by one of our lead investigators after many years of service with WillSpy.

Our private investigators possess decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces, Investigations, and Personal Protection. We are experienced both inside Costa Rica, other Latin American countries, Africa and Sint Maarten. As a result, we have developed specific methods to deal with threats to our clients’ finances, their homes, and their persons whether visiting, investing or living in Costa Rica.

Doug Smith of Willspy is the leading PI agency that has successfully worked more kidnapping cases than any other agencies in Costa Rica.

Please visit our supplemental pages for details of the following services:


  •     Check-A-Mate Background Review
  •     Employment Screening
  •     Real Estate Due Diligence
  •     Professional Verification (Medical/Legal)
  •     Loss Prevention (Commercial)
  •     Process Service (Domestic and International)


  • Personal Protection
  • Guided Poker & Texas Hold ‘Em Services
  • Residential Security
  • Construction Security Coordination

Have you been wronged by your significant other?
Have you been scammed or cheated by a business partner?
Have your maintenance payments to your fiance skyrocketed over a period of months?
Are you in physical danger?
Or are you new in town and need safe guidance to the Costa Rican hotspots and elite games?

Before you enter into real estate transactions, finalize construction plans, or discuss marriage/fiance support options …call WillSpy. Our dedicated agents will save you a little time, a lot of money and a tremendous amount of grief.